MWP Boys, Rochester Girls Rise in Latest Power Rankings


District tournaments are just a few weeks away, believe it or not, and as team’s race to load up their schedules with tough opponents amid schedule changes, I’ll continue to do my best to rank everyone in the leagues in our coverage area.
If you want to laugh at last week’s rankings, you can here.
2A Evergreen Conference — Boys
1. Tumwater (—) (12-2, 7-0 2A EvCo)
The T-Birds still haven’t lost within the borders of Washington state, and picked up big non-league wins against Mark Morris and Capital this week.
2. Black Hills (—) (9-6, 5-2 2A EvCo)
The Wolves had a rough start to the week, losing to 2B Napavine at home by double-digits, but defeated Rochester in a bounce back win to pick up their fifth league win, second only to Tumwater.
3. Shelton (—) (5-5, 3-3 2A EvCo)
The Highclimbers have been in COVID-19 protocol and have not played since their upset win over W.F. West on Jan. 13.
4. W.F. West (—) (5-5, 3-2 2A EvCo)
The Bearcats have not played since a 64-52 loss to 3A Kelso on Jan. 14.
5. Centralia (—) (6-7, 3-4 2A EvCo)
The Tigers won their only game last week against Rochester, 77-68 on the road.
6. Rochester (—) (3-9, 1-5 2A EvCo)
The Warriors lost twice last week, to Centralia and Black Hills.
7. Aberdeen (—) (1-10, 0-6 2A EvCo)
The Bobcats lost their only matchup last week to Tumwater.
2A Evergreen Conference — Girls
1. Tumwater (—) (14-1, 7-0 2A EvCo)
The Thunderbirds couldn’t play Burlington-Edison this week, so instead played another top-10 higher-classification squad in the 3A’s Lake Washington, and came out 20-point winners before picking up another league win against Aberdeen.
2. W.F. West (—) (13-2, 6-1 2A EvCo)
The Bearcats went 3-0 again last week, with non-league wins over White River and Hockinson, and a dominant league victory over Aberdeen on the road.
3. Rochester (+3) (4-7, 3-5 2A EvCo)
The Warriors are one of the hottest teams in the league currently, picking up two straight wins over Centralia and then Black Hills after losing to both teams by a combined four points in December.
4. Black Hills (-1) (5-8, 3-4 2A EvCo)
The Wolves played two non-league opponents last week, falling to 3A Yelm before dispatching 1A Hoquiam by double-digits to end their week.
5. Aberdeen (-1) (5-6, 2-5 2A EvCo)
The Bobcats dropped both their matchups last week to W.F. West and Tumwater.
6. Centralia (-1) (5-5, 3-3 2A EvCo)
The Tigers are on a five-game losing streak, and have dropped each of their last three league contests after losing to Rochester at home last week.
7. Shelton (—) (0-9, 0-5 2A EvCo)
The Highclimbers are in COVID-19 protocol and have not played since a loss to Tumwater on Jan. 12.
1A Evergreen Conference — Boys
1. Eatonville (—) (8-2, 4-0 1A Evergreen)
The Cruisers picked up two league wins to stay unbeaten in league, dispatching Tenino and Hoquiam.
2. Elma (—) (4-5, 3-1 1A Evergreen)
The Eagles defeated Tenino to pick up their third league win before falling to La Center in a non-league battle by double-digits.
3. Hoquiam (—) (5-7, 2-2 1A Evergreen)
The Grizzlies lost to Eatonville to start their week before defeating Montesano in a bounce back win.
4. Tenino (—) (5-7, 1-3 1A Evergreen)
The Beavers lost two more last week to Elma and Eatonville.
5. Montesano (—) (1-12, 0-4 1A Evergreen)
The Bulldogs continue to struggle, with two more losses to Seton Catholic at home and Hoquiam on the road.
1A Evergreen Conference — Girls
1. Montesano (—) (11-1, 3-0 1A Evergreen)
The Bulldogs beat Seton Catholic on the road, before having their matchup with Tenino on Saturday postponed due to COVID in their program.
2. Tenino (—) (10-3, 2-0 1A Evergreen)
The Beavers beat Eatonville by 21 to pick up their second league win.
3. Eatonville (+2) (2-6, 2-1 1A Evergreen)
After a long hiatus, the Cruisers finally got some league games in and defeated Elma and Hoquiam to start their week before falling to Tenino by double digits.
4. Elma (-1) (2-5, 1-2 1A Evergreen)
The Eagles lost their only game of the week to Eatonville.
5. Hoquiam (-1) (5-7, 0-4 1A Evergreen)
The Grizzlies are on a bit of a losing streak after two more losses this week to 2A Black Hills and Eatonville.
Central 2B — Boys
1. Kalama (—) (10-1, 5-0 C2BL)
The Chinooks picked up a non-league win over Fort Vancouver and a league victory over Wahkiakum to stay unbeaten in league play, but are currently in COVID protocol.
2. Napavine (—) (11-2, 5-1 C2BL)
The Tigers went 3-0 last week with wins over 2A Black Hills, Onalaska, and Wahkiakum, all by double-digits.
3. Adna (—) (12-3, 5-1 C2BL)
The Pirates continued to roll, and picked up a huge non-league win over Ilwaco before dispatching Winlock and Toledo in dominant fashion.
4. Morton-White Pass (+3) (9-4, 4-1 C2BL)
The Timberwolves went 2-0 last week with key league victories over Rainier and Toutle Lake, both on the road.

5. Rainier (-1) (9-4, 3-3 C2BL)
The Mountaineers dropped their third straight league loss to Morton-White Pass at home to open their week, but came back to beat Onalaska and Toledo to move to .500 in league play.
6. Wahkiakum (-1) (8-6, 3-3 C2BL)
The Mules defeated Winlock, but fell to league-leaders Kalama and Napavine to go 1-2 last week.
7. Toutle Lake (-1) (9-5, 3-4 C2BL)
The Ducks went 1-1 last week with a win over Stevenson and a loss at home to Morton-White Pass.
8. Toledo (—) (11-5, 2-4 C2BL)
The Riverhawks had a tough week, dropping two league contests to Rainier and Adna, both on the road.
9. Stevenson (—) (2-5, 1-1 C2BL)
The Bulldogs have not played since a Jan. 15 loss to Toutle Lake.
10. Onalaska (—) (1-9, 0-5 C2BL)
The Loggers went 0-2 last week with losses to Napavine and Rainier.
11. Winlock (—) (0-14, 0-5 C2BL)
The Cardinals are still searching for their first win after losses to Willapa Valley, Wahkiakum and Adna last week.
Central 2B — Girls
1. Wahkiakum (—) (12-3, 6-0 C2BL)
The Mules continue to be the class of the C2BL on the girls side, with two double-digit wins over Kalama and Napavine last week.
2. Onalaska (+1) (12-3, 6-1 C2BL)
The Loggers went 3-0 with wins against Napavine, Rainier, and Toledo.
3. Rainier (-1) (10-4, 5-2 C2BL)
The Mountaineers picked up a win over Toledo, before letting a late seven-point lead over Onalaska slip through their fingers in the final moments.
4. Adna (+3) (10-6, 4-2 2B C2BL)
The Pirates had a bounceback week with three wins against Ilwaco, Winlock, and Toledo, all by double-digits.
5. Napavine (—) (6-7, 2-3 C2BL)
The Tigers lost two last week against league-leaders Wahkiakum and Onalaska.
6. Winlock (—) (8-7, 2-4 C2BL)
The Cardinals went 1-1 last week, with a win over Willapa Valley and a loss to Adna, with the latter being without star Addison Hall.
7. Toutle Lake (+1) (8-6, 3-3 2B C2BL)
The Ducks beat Kalama at home to open its week before a six-point win over Toledo.
8. Toledo (-4) (7-6, 2-4 C2BL)
The Riverhawks dropped their first four league contests all last week, battling COVID-19 issues and a shorthanded roster. Toledo lost to Rainier, Adna and Onalaska before a fourth straight loss handed to it by Toutle Lake.
9. Morton-White Pass (—) (3-6, 0-2 C2BL)
The Timberwolves dropped their lone game last week to Mossyrock.
10. Stevenson (—) (2-7, 1-4 C2BL)
The Bulldogs have not played since a Jan.15 loss to Toutle Lake.
11. Kalama (—) (2-9, 0-5 C2BL)
The Chinooks dropped two more last week in league against Wahkiakum and Toutle Lake.
1B Columbia Valley — Boys
1. Willapa Valley (—) (13-3, 7-0 1B CVL)
The Vikings went 3-0 last week, defeating league teams Mossyrock and Firm Foundation and 2B Winlock on Monday.
2. Naselle (—) (7-6, 5-1 1B CVL)
The Comets haven’t played since Jan. 15.
3. Mossyrock (—) (3-5, 1-2 1B CVL)
The Vikings lost their only matchup last week to Willapa Valley by double-digits.
4. Firm Foundation (—) (2-3, 2-3 1B CVL)
Firm Foundation dropped its only matchup against Willapa Valley last week.
5. Columbia Adventist (—) (2-4, 2-3 1B CVL)
Columbia Adventist hasn’t played since a Jan. 13 loss to Willapa Valley.
6. Pe Ell (—) (4-7, 1-5 1B CVL)
The Trojans haven’t played since Jan. 14.
7. Three Rivers Christian (—) (3-6, 0-5 1B CVL)
The Eagles haven’t played since Jan. 13.
1B Columbia Valley — Girls
1. Mossyrock (—) (7-3, 2-1 1B CVL)
The Vikings picked up a win against 2B Morton-White Pass before being upset by league rival Willapa Valley without guard Caelyn Marshall and forward Hailey Brooks on Saturday.
2. Willapa Valley (+1) (6-7, 3-1 1B CVL)
The Vikings dropped a contest to 2B Winlock in Pe Ell before upsetting Mossyrock at home on Saturday.
3. Naselle (-1) (7-5, 3-1 1B CVL)
The Comets lost their only matchup last week against Toutle Lake.
4. Columbia Adventist (—) (3-3, 1-2 1B CVL)
Columbia Adventist has not played since Jan. 3.
5. Three Rivers Christian (—) (2-7, 0-4 1B CVL)
The Eagles haven’t played since Jan 11.