Lewis County Republican Precinct Committee Officer Election Results


Here are the preliminary results as of Thursday for the precinct committee officer (PCO) races held within Lewis county.

A total of 78 different candidates ran in contested PCO races. The top candidate in each two-person race will win the PCO position. 

The top finisher in each race — no matter the number of candidates — will be declared the winner. 

In the Cowlitz Republican PCO race, Elizabeth Rohr has received 147 votes, Traci Dutton has received 65 votes and Dale Merten 162 votes.

In the Crego West Republican PCO race, Laurie Gunsolley has received 117 votes, Douglas Peterson has received 112 votes and Neil Stewart jr. 23 votes. 

In the Drews Prairie Republican PCO race, Miriam Montenegro has received 12 votes, Dave Germain has received 36 votes and Shawn Robertson 26 votes. 

In the Forest Republican PCO race, Frank L. Corbin has received 84 votes, Linda Williams has received 111 votes and Paul Wilkes 63 votes. 

In the Newaukum Republican PCO race, Ben Peters has received 62 votes, Penny Mauel has received 144 votes and Daniel Sheets 32 votes. 

In the Parcuvia Republican PCO race, Brooke Sund has received 55 votes, Raymond Schumacher has received 61 votes and Greg Pulver 46 votes. 

In the Centralia #4 Republican PCO race, Hannah Ethridge has received 30 votes, Anthony Ahrens has received 41 votes and Lindsey Murphy 36 votes. 

In the Chehalis #6 Republican PCO race, Fred Rider has received 37 votes, Robert (Bob) Spahr has received 118 votes and Sonja Cox has 93 votes. 

In the Adna Republican PCO race, Jim L. Smith has received 313 votes while Arny Davis has 175 votes. 

In the Berwick Republican PCO race, Logan Ferrier has received 122 votes while Melody Faber has 123 votes.

In the Cinebar Republican PCO race, Clarence C. Lupo has received 120 votes while Carla Askew has 121 votes. 

In the Claquato Republican PCO race, Mark Anders has received 155 votes while Jennifer Lynn Hawes has 75 votes. 

In the Crego East Republican PCO race, Jo A. Moon has received 229 votes while Ron Heikkila has 92 votes. 

In the Curtis Republican PCO race, Fred S. Chapman III has received 37 votes while Susan M. Remund has 88 votes.

In the Emery Republican PCO race, Candy Warren has received 39 votes while Eileen Owens has 74 votes. 

In the Ethel Republican PCO race, Rachel Anderson has received 160 votes while Jeanne Hall has 117 votes.  

In the Evaline West Republican PCO race, Mike Peterson has received 74 votes while Dennis A. Carter has 63 votes. 

In the Ferrier Republican PCO race, Lacey Clark has received 70 votes while Ross Nielson has 127 votes.  

In the Fords Prairie Republican PCO race, Lynn Richard has received 107 votes while Sarah Holmes has 124 votes. 

In the Klickitat Republican PCO race, Marcia Manley Has received 92 votes while Tess Ekdahl-Johnson has 39 votes. 

In the Lincoln Creek Republican PCO race, Julie L. Zielke has received 123 votes while Maleea Morales has 62 votes. 

In the Prescott Republican PCO race, Thomas Howsden has received 110 votes while Margaret K. Chastain has 102 votes. 

In the Salkum Republican PCO race, Mitchel N. Townsend has received 152 votes while Phoebe Atkins has 63 votes.

In the Salmon Creek Republican PCO race, James F. Wallace has received 156 votes while Stephen Ethridge has 71 votes. 

In the Salzer Republican PCO race, Dallas Daarud has received 71 votes while Suzanne Lee Chastain has 54 votes. 

In the Sears Republican PCO race, Joey Laske has received 66 votes while Janice L. Averill has 84 votes. 

In the Skookumchuck Republican PCO race, Chris Town has received 67 votes while Jami Lund has 169 votes.

In the Union Republican PCO race, Sherri Murphy has received 70 votes while David Schoonover has 52 votes. 

In the Centralia #2 Republican PCO race, Kelley Christensen has received 105 votes while Colleen Morse has 74 votes. 

In the Centralia #8 Republican PCO race, Johnny Dunnagan has received 75 votes while Leah Daarud has 49 votes. 

In the Centralia #11 Republican PCO race, Dan Townsend has received 130 votes while Allison Clark has 97 votes. 

In the Centralia #12 Republican PCO race, Karla Miles has received 159 votes while Douglas Wayne Oertli has 96 votes. 

In the Chehalis #5 Republican PCO race, Karen Laufenberg has received 49 votes while Franklin Taylor has 39 votes. 

In the Napavine #1 Republican PCO race, Jaimee Saling has received 170 votes while Duana A. Crouse has 162 votes. 

In the Vader Republican PCO race, Trent Elms has received 68 votes while Theresa Inez Porter has 30 votes. 

This vote count was completed at 5:07 p.m. Thursday by the Lewis County Auditor’s Office. The next ballot count will be released at 5 p.m. on Aug. 15. Results can be viewed online at https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20220802/lewis/