Lewis County Launches Online Building Inspection Application


Cities throughout Lewis County are experiencing “boom time construction growth,” stated a news release from the county earlier this week. 

In the release, Lewis County Lead Permit Technician Bradley Clark reports 7,672 construction   inspections were completed in the county in 2022, and an average 669 inspections have been performed each month so far this year.  

To streamline the process, the county’s community development department has adopted an online building inspection request platform. 

Contractors and homeowners who submit an online inspection request will receive an automated confirmation email about their upcoming inspection.

“Community development strives to provide professional, timely and predictable service  with a focus on customer service and continuous improvement,” said Lewis County Building Official and Fire Marshal Doyle Sanford, in the release. 

The new platform is accessible at https://tinyurl.com/3j7yayr6.

There remains the option to call a 24-hour inspection line at 360-740-1133. For specific questions, call the permit center at 360-740-1146 or email bradley.clark@lewiscountywa.gov.