Lewis County Jail Inmate Accused of Swiping Prescriptions From Medical Cart 


A Lewis County Jail inmate is facing additional charges after jail staff reportedly caught him stealing medication from a medical cart on Monday. 

Matthew Morris, 30, of Chehalis, is accused of swiping approximately eight packaged pill envelopes for other inmates that contained buprenorphine, a prescription medication also known as Suboxone that is used to help detox from opiates. 

Morris allegedly “stuffed the pill envelopes in his pocket” and was caught by jail nursing staff. While staff searched Morris and recovered the pill envelopes, they reportedly found “a baggie with white powder residue in it.” 

A subsequent search revealed a second baggie with similar residue. 

“The white powder is suspected of being methamphetamine, though the residue was not tested,” according to court documents. 

The Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office filed third-degree theft and possession of narcotics charges against Morris on Tuesday. 

Morris had previously been jailed on $500 bail for a driving with a suspended license allegation, though a Lewis County Superior Court judge set Morris’ bail for the new case at $15,000 on Tuesday.