Lewis County food establishment inspection scores


Editor’s Note: These are reports from health inspections in Lewis County from early May through June 6, 2024. Red violations are those most likely to cause foodborne illness and must be corrected at the time of inspection. Blue violations relate to overall cleanliness and operational conditions and must be corrected by established deadlines or by the next routine inspection. Any establishment receiving 40 red points or any red point item repeated within an 18-month period is considered a high risk and must be reinspected. An establishment that receives 75 red points or 100 total points (red and blue) on a routine inspection or 40 red points on a repeat inspection will have their food establishment permit suspended.

Food establishments with violations: Red/Blue/Total

Panda Inn, 806 Harrison Ave., Centralia — 5/13/18

A certified food protection manager certificate was not provided on site.

Trays of breaded chicken were placed too close together in the cooling rack, which impedes air flows and slows down cooling. This was corrected.

The inspector noted that cooked foods that are being cooled down must be properly date marked.

The air temperature of a preparation cooler located at the end of the kitchen was at 46 degrees. The restaurant was asked not to store hot food in the cooler so it doesn’t increase the air flow temperature. Cooling must be done in the walk-in cooler. (5 red)

The business was asked to cover tubs of raw meat to prevent cross-contamination with ready-to-eat food.

Sanitation solution was too strong. (5 blue)

The entire kitchen was dirty. “Please thoroughly clean and sanitize within two days and keep clean moving forward,” the inspector wrote. (8 blue)

Date of inspection: May 7, 2024

Taco Bell, 1755 NW Louisiana Ave., Chehalis — 25/0/25

Several temperature controlled for safety foods on the preparation line were not properly labeled as to what time they should be discarded. Time tracking was not being utilized. Hot foods were measured at 150 degrees and cold foods were measured at 40 degrees. The restaurant was asked to start using time as a public health control consistently. (25 red)

Food worker cards were current and the facility was clean.

Date of inspection: May 13, 2024

Food establishments with perfect scores:

Insert Coin, Centralia

Tower Tavern, Centralia

South Tower Chevron, Centralia

Wendy’s, Chehalis

Dutch Bros. Coffee, Centralia

KFC/A&W, Centralia

Lewis County Coffee Co., Bishop Road

Mad Hatter Cafe, Centralia

Shankz Mini Golf, Chehalis

Walmart Supercenter, Chehalis

NW Salmon and Smokehouse, Chehalis

Denny’s, Chehalis

Fairway Lanes Grill, Centralia

Jack in the Box, Chehalis

Delin Sales and Services, Toledo

Centralia Middle School

Adna Middle/High School

Adna Elementary

The Blazer Bite, Centralia

Futurus High School, Centralia

Fords Prairie Elementary, Centralia

Centralia High School

Happy Teriyaki No. 12, Centralia

McDonald’s Airport, Chehalis

Kobo Teriyaki, Chehalis

St. Joseph School, Chehalis

Edison Elementary, Centralia

Centralia College Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

Crooked Oar Grocery, Mossyrock

Mossyrock School

Deliciousness, Mossyrock

Morton Elementary

Morton High School

Chehalis Middle School

W.F. West High School

Dollar General, Reynolds Avenue, Centralia

Washington Elementary, Centralia

Centralia Christian School

Jefferson-Lincoln Elementary School, Centralia

Onalaska High School

Onalaska Elementary/Middle School 

Oakview Elementary, Centralia

Orin Smith Elementary, Chehalis

James W. Lintott Elementary, Chehalis

Winlock Elementary

Winlock High School

Lewis County Head Start, Toledo

Lewis County Turning Point, Chehalis

Olympic Academy, Chehalis

Lewis County Head Start, Twin Cities

Toledo Elementary

Toledo Middle School

Toledo High School

Napavine High School

Napavine Elementary

Owl and Olive, Chehalis

Boistfort School, Curtis

Chill Ice and H20, Chehalis

Lewis County Adventist School, Chehalis

Evaline School, Winlock

Hub City Grub, Centralia

Mountainview Wood Fired Pizza, Napavine

Sahara Pizza, Chehalis

JJ’s To Go, Centralia

Lewis County Jail

Winlock Senior Center

Rowdy Rooster Bistro, Winlock

The Mill, Winlock

Twin Cities Senior Center, Chehalis

Centralia Point Assisted Living, Centralia

El Tejano Family Restaurant, Toledo

Toledo Senior Center