Letter to the Editor: Zero to 60 on William Avenue in Chehalis


Southwest William Avenue is one of two short streets between W.F. West High School and 13th Street, which is a major street artery to Interstate 5.

People hit this little street, which is only about five blocks long, and race to the end like they're in NASCAR.

Our neighborhood is mostly young families with small children and there are older folks and families walking their dogs every day.  Some people hit this street like a quick zipper shortcut. They're bad enough, but there are others far more dangerous. There are drivers who are obviously young, driving ratty cars with souped up engines and failing mufflers, who treat the street like a test race course.

I have complained to the Chehalis Police Department and for one week two years ago, they sent patrols. Since then, nothing.

This scenario is a recipe for disaster. There will be a pedestrian fatality if this continues.

At the very least, this street requires speed bumps.


Mary Cooke-Baker