Letter to the Editor: Why Joe Kent Has My Vote for Congress


If you are a contemporary Democrat or a Big Government Republican, you may want to disregard this letter at the start since I, Mike Kimbrel, am about to express the views of about 70 million Trump voters, views which Democrat supporters wish to suppress in every way possible.

We live in a formerly “free constitutional republic” in which it was formerly everyone’s right to express their opinion. Now, the Democrat government, Big Government Republicans, much of the press and lots of “fellow travelers” are not just satisfied with defeating “America First Republicans,” but they must eliminate them, in any way necessary, so they can never again have a say in the governance of our country.

Trump, for whom over 70 million Americans voted, must disappear because he makes mean tweets and attempts to drain the swamp.

So if I am unsatisfied with gas costing more than $5 a gallon, open borders, 70 percent increase in crime, high inflation, unrestricted trillion-dollar spending, forced vaccinations, support for our enemies, just plain stupid governance and making America into Venezuela, must my opinion be not considered seriously, and this must my opinion be eliminated?

People running for office almost all accuse their opponents of perpetrating lies. All voters can do is decide who to believe.

Jaime Herrera Beutler three times voted for budgets that included funding for Planned Parenthood, meaning she is sometimes, but not always, pro-life. Jaime worked against President Donald Trump when he and his government did all the right things to “Make America Great Again” and now, using our taxpayer money, brags about her attempts to right all the wrongs she facilitated by supporting Democrats against Trump.

I previously supported Jaime, thinking she was a conservative, but I now realize that she only spends federal money in our district, supports what the Democrats do and never facilitates reducing government.

Because Joe Kent admitted once voting for a Democrat, she accuses Joe of not being a true Republican.

Joe Kent 11 times deployed into combat to defend our country. I, Mike Kimbrel, choose to believe in his integrity and I strongly object to Jaime calling Joe a liar. Joe Kent has proven himself to be a true American, a believer in term limits and limited government, and he is not yet a self-serving politician. Joe Kent will receive my vote.


Mike Kimbrel