Letter to the Editor: Why I’m Voting for Joe Kent for Congress


I had the opportunity to meet congressional candidate Joe Kent at a Ridgefield town hall in July. He has three Bronze Stars, 20 years of military experience and was an adviser to President Donald Trump. I asked him about our role in the Middle East, space militarization, foreign and military aid and the Federal Reserve. He answered every question in depth and was not evasive.

Prior to the town hall, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. As a recent high school graduate, I was one of the younger individuals at the event. Nonetheless, Joe Kent was happy to take my questions and treated me with respect. He is an approachable and genuine person.

His campaign speech did not rely on GOP talking points. Republicans understand that socialism is an immoral ideology. This has been drilled into our heads by the conservative movement for decades. So, I was pleasantly surprised when his speech focused on more pressing issues like the unprecedented power of Big Tech.

Joe Kent also talked about why it is necessary to secure the southern border. He supports an immigration moratorium. Kent’s immigration position and his support for breaking up Big Tech distinguishes him from other Republicans, many of whom only regurgitate populist talking points for political expediency.

I have attended several other speaking events. Joe Kent’s message remains consistent. He is adamant in his support for $10,000 child tax deductions. I am in favor of cutting tax rates for corporations, but I would rather Republicans prioritized lessening the tax burden for families instead of corporate America. He also supports placing tariffs on Chinese imports to protect American manufacturing.

Listen to any of Kent’s speeches and it’s clear he does not subscribe to the failed “three-legged stool” of conservatism: military interventionism, crony capitalism and virtue signaling to social conservatives. If elected, Kent claims he will introduce legislation to withdraw troops from the Middle East. This is one of the main reasons I will be voting for Joe Kent.

I am tired of Republican leaders romanticizing the founding fathers while failing to heed their warnings about foreign intervention.

Another issue that Joe Kent routinely speaks about is education. He is a proponent of school choice which will give parents more freedom over their children’s education. He is also opposed to critical race theory and Planned Parenthood sex education being taught in public schools. Public education has become a tool by which Marxists attack the family — the sole institution the Left has not yet taken over.

We need representatives in Congress who will wield their power — not tremble in fear while the establishment denigrates what is left of the American tradition. I am voting for Joe Kent to represent Washington’s Third District in Congress. He is one of the few individuals capable of taking on the corruption in D.C.


Erin Van Natta



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Well thought out essay. As a counterpoint, labeling individuals who gravitate towards the left as "Marxists" creates the same divide as labeling those that gravitate towards the right as "hillbillies" or "fascists". I respect your choice and your vote, but creating divide between groups of people only sustains politicians. When you see words like "marxist" or "fascists" from politicians, be wary.

Tuesday, September 14

As an adviser to Trump, did Kent encourage him in his incitement of the insurrection January six? And to have Max Gaetz as a guest speaker at a campaign rally to endorse him, I'd say this guy has some serious issues concerning his perception of reality. Maybe children should be seen and not heard.

Wednesday, September 15
R. Ganowicz

You could have replaced the word "Marxists" with "Teacher's Unions". They're the same thing after all.

Friday, September 17