Letter to the Editor: We Would Be Lucky to Have Jodery Goble as County Commissioner


I am writing this letter regarding the office of Lewis County commissioner for District 3, which is coming up in the next election.

There are several good candidates in the running. But there is one who, I believe, is the best candidate for the job. His name is Jodery Goble. I have known Jodery since 1975. That’s 47 years! In that time, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to analyze a problem and solve it. He does not rush into a solution without careful consideration.

He is also a team player. He works well with others and earns their respect. This is a necessity to be on the commission. His considerable knowledge of the county is a result of many years of dedicated and diverse service. His education and experience are well suited for the position.

Jodery also is looking very hard at the future of the county. His insight and leadership ability are necessary for us to move ahead successfully.

Jodery is a good listener. He will hear the words of others and understand their situation. He will respond or act only when he has the complete story.

Over the years I have known and been friends with several great commissioners. Jodery will carry on that legacy. We are lucky to have him serve.


Sandly Floe