Letter to the Editor: We Need Our Senior Centers


Once again, Lewis County Seniors have been lied to. Several times the seniors have been told that the meal preparations are being phased out so that they can be returned to the Catholic Community Services. Not happening.

The HVAC system at the Twin Cities Senior Center was complained about before COVID-19 was even in the United States. It should have been looked at then but nothing was done.

The centers should all have their own directors like they used to, before the county defunded them. That way, if there's a problem, it can be taken care of immediately.

Trying to pit the Toledo and Winlock centers against each other is ridiculous. The high schools’ athletic teams had rivalries (so did Napavine and Adna) but that was a long time ago.

I recently asked someone to look on their computer to find out when the senior board had their meetings and where so I could attend but nothing was found. They evidently don't want to publicize their meetings and have seniors coming to meetings to learn about what is going on. We should have every right to attend what should be open meetings.

Please give us our Twin Cities Center back the way it was. You have no idea how many seniors are hurt by your actions. Give us a little respect.

I know that Mr. Averill has a lot of seniors who are "misbehaving." I am almost 87 years old and have never been on a "naughty" list so here is my name for his list. Be sure to put the "E" in Guenther.


Joan Guenther



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My experience with the senior centers have been if something needed done never report it to the director of the centers because it will just be filed the the round filing cabinet. As far as the rivalries it is only in the mind of the director. My feelings is the management does not care about the Seniors only just keeping their jobs and their pet projects. Soaring at 30,000 feet leaves the mind deprived of oxygen so the board does not know what I’d going on down at ground level. My be it is time to get rid of these board members and get people who are grounded and care about the Seniors of this county.

Friday, September 24