Letter to the Editor: We Are at the Crossroads of History in This Nation


The 2020 presidential election was clearly and potentially illegally influenced by the Democratic Party and agencies of the federal government along with celebrities and other organizations committed to the defeat of Donald Trump at all costs. 

A Time Magazine article titled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election“ published shortly after the election on Feb. 15 confirmed these allegations in gleeful detail. This reality continues to this day as evidenced by the mainstream media's 24/7 interference operation of all things detrimental to Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and any other Democrat who is in office or running for office. 

The recent revelation by Elon Musk’s blockbuster Twitter reveal on Dec. 2 is just further confirmation of these sordid revelations.

Americans are facing unprecedented efforts to suppress and silence the free flow of accurate information and reporting upon subjects that we need to make basic informed decisions about our nation's policies and directions by a unholy conspiratorial alliance between the Democratic Party, big government, some federal law enforcement and media. Regardless of the political spectrum you occupy, this is a very disturbing realization and is a direct challenge to a representative democracy run by citizens rather than endured by subjects.

The very serious and distressing part is that this myriad of bad actors does not care if you know what they have done and are currently doing. They seem to think that the end justifies the means regardless of the costs to democracy and the Constitution of the United States of America. 

We are literally at the crossroads of history in this nation. Our history, legacy to our children and future seem to hang by a thread, the same fragile thread that binds the fabric of America together. Our citizenry has been so intentionally divided by these same groups that one side does not seem to care and the other does not know what to do. It’s further clear and convincing evidence of the traumatic times we find ourselves living in.

If you love America, cherish Democracy and understand the value of the Constitution of the United States of America, you cannot close your eyes, close your ears and bow your head while the great experiment in liberty, the shining light on the hill, fades into the dusty and sordid pages of totalitarian history. 

I really don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican or independent. You are responsible and you are the only one who can turn this sinking ship around. Will you be the last free citizen of a free and independent representative democracy? If you love the United States, then you must set your prejudices aside and join America's team. Stand tall, look people in the eyes and speak the truth to each other and to power. Our children, the nation and the free people of the world are depending upon you.


Mitch Townsend

Silver Creek