Letter to the Editor: Warning — Politicians and Winlock Citizens Beware


If you don’t behave, an editorial about you could very well become published soon.

After becoming a local resident 14 years ago, the Lewis County News and The Chronicle became a regular read for my family and myself. As years have gone by, I began to question some of the editorials published by the Lewis County News pertaining to Winlock politics regarding present and past mayors of Winlock and its city council members.

Editorials are filled with nothing but allegations and no credible sources. Come to find out, I came across an editorial in The Chronicle about the lack of sources and credibility in what the editor of the Lewis County News writes. It’s an obvious read that if this editor doesn’t like you or your politics, she is coming after you.

I can handle reading editorials and am not bothered by dirty politics to some degree but the article written by the editor about Winlock Mayor Brandon Svenson’s personal life has crossed the line. I don’t know Mayor Svenson on a personal level but have talked to him once or twice. My relationship with him isn’t relevant. Attacking someone and exploiting their personal life, which is separate from politics, is not OK at any level. There is no justification for this kind of behavior and it saddens me that someone claiming to be a reporter doesn’t have more integrity. I urge Brandon Svenson to write a cease and desist letter to the Lewis County News stating that legal action will be taken if necessary. Slandering someone like this only makes the Lewis County News lose trust and credibility in the community in which the editor claims to love. I also encourage local businesses to reconsider using the Lewis County News. These slandering editorials could very well be about you as a business owner. Ask yourself, could I be next?

The editor has stated in a published article that the Lewis County News is intended to keep citizens informed and it is their responsibility in doing so. She claims it is a newspaper for all, not just a few, and they must cover all the news. So, I challenge this editor to do as she claimed she would. Interview Mayor Brandon Svenson, giving him the opportunity to defend the accusations made against him and publish them without putting a spin on things.


Robin Myers