Letter to the Editor: Vote Parnham for Centralia School Board


I want your vote for Centralia School Board. With 36 years teaching in the Centralia School District, I have passion for our city and especially our schools. My goal is to reflect our community values by recognizing the need to focus on the fundamentals of education. Education by default will promote safe and healthy schools and prepare our students for the next phase in life. Together we will raise school standards and place education over distractions. We can build a culture of influence for our schools and students. Below you will find why people believe I am the right choice:

“Now more than ever, the Centralia School District needs a school board that focuses on the evolving needs of the community. It needs leaders who engage, listen and then take thoughtful, measured action that, if necessary, is creative and outside-the-box. I believe that Deb Parnham is a person who can bring all these assets to the school board. Her long history with the district, connection with parents and students, and intimate knowledge of the community itself gives her a unique perspective and insight that is very much needed right now. She has a passion for seeing the district move forward, and is willing to put in the time and energy that is needed to accomplish that. When speaking with Deb, one leaves with the knowledge that she has really listened and values what has been said. She is a confident leader who, after listening to different views, is willing to speak and act according to what she believes is best for all involved. The district needs that kind of leadership. Deb Parnham will be a great addition to the Centralia School board.” — Lee Hoium

“It would be hard to find a better candidate for the Centralia School Board than Deb Parnham. Deb has been a long-term educator, a substitute teacher, a parent and a coach. All in the Centralia School District. She has been a sixth grade Camp Cispus director, quarter century jump rope for heart coordinator and a military family support group leader. Again, all within the Centralia School District. All of these different roles give her experience and perspective. Also, having taught in other districts as well and being in a family of educators, broadens her perspective. Deb is dedicated, driven and energetic. That’s why I think Deb would be a great fit for our school board.” — Brenda Milton

“Deb Parnham cares about her community and the education of our young scholars! She values integrity, honesty and commitment and lives that out in her everyday life!” — Heather Sprague

“I have known Deb Parnham since 1993. She was my son and grandson’s teacher, Cispus leader, and our CHS wrestling cheer coach. She has a student growth-based approach and genuinely cares for the well-being of all students. She successfully helped fundraise for the wrestling program and has endless energy to provide the best for student growth. Her past experiences will make her an outstanding school board member.” — Ray Smith


Deb Parnham



Editor’s Note: As part of a new Chronicle policy, political candidates are allowed to publish one letter to the editor per election cycle.