Letter to the Editor: Vote Murphy for Lewis County Sheriff


Tracy Murphy is running for Lewis County sheriff. If you don’t know him, I would like to share with you a little about who Tracy is, what he’s like and his goals and plans for Lewis County if he is elected sheriff. First, he is honest, humble and not conceited. Faith, truth and law are what drive Tracy.

Tracy is currently serving in Centralia as head of the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team (JNET). He has served as a member of the K9 unit in Centralia. He has been in law enforcement for many years. He is both a loving husband and father. He and his wife, Sherri, raised their family in Lewis County.

Tracy is a devoted member of Faith Baptist Church. He leads the security team, advising the church on matters of the law. His faith leads his life. However, it doesn’t matter to Tracy if you are a Christian or a devil worshiper. What matters to him is whether you’re being supported to the full extent of the law. For Tracy, being a Christian is how he deals with his personal and professional life. He finds comfort, strength and resolve through his faith. He’s an honest, humble man willing to speak to anyone about his vision and perspective of the office.

Tracy cares about people. My husband is totally disabled and I’m in a wheelchair. Tracy discovered that we needed some major repairs done at our home. On a fixed income, we couldn’t afford to hire anyone. Tracy saw to it that a volunteer put in a call to help us.

Tracy was called a “slimy Democrat.” He happens to be a conservative Republican. In his opinion, the office of the sheriff is to serve the people, not a chosen group.

He won’t ask for your voter registration card before sending help from the sheriff’s office. He does not play politics. He’s focused on the letter of the law and upholding the constitution. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, homeless or have a home, Tracy serves all the people, not a party.

Tracy knows the needs of this county from a unique perspective. He would like to free up officers to serve the East County and have an ongoing citizen’s academy to help us understand the training of the officers. He will return the sheriff’s office to JNET. Crime is at an all-time high in our county. Drug abuse drives up these numbers. Countywide involvement in JNET will bring those numbers down.

He wants to establish a regional officer training academy, with training for any officer to stay current on their required training. Sharing the same training will make for a cohesive county-wide unit. This will save time and money for the citizens.

Tracy has chosen Stacy Brown to be undersheriff. She is a respected officer that has served several years in law enforcement. They have the same goals and vision for our county.

I trust Tracy with my life. Vote for Tracy Murphy.


Janice Luurs