Letter to the Editor: Vote Davy Ray for Congress


Greetings, people of the 3rd Congressional District. I'm Davy Ray and I'm running to be your representative in Congress. I've lived on the West Coast for 22 years. I have a business degree and my graduate studies are in public policy, planning and management.

I'm on the planning commission down in Stevenson. While I am a Democrat, I'd like for you to consider me to represent you in Washington, D.C. I am unconcerned what your political affiliation is. We're all folk here. I want to bring some infrastructure dollars and potentially some of the recent tech money to the area and create some good paying jobs.

People often ask me why I want to do this. I always answer 'because I have grandchildren.” I am deeply concerned about the world they will inherit and the state of our democracy. I am compelled to do something about it. I'm not in it for the money or the notoriety. I'm in it because it's the right thing to do.

Please visit my website and Facebook page to get an idea on the specifics of where I stand on the issues. And thank you for your consideration.


Davy Ray



Editor’s note: The Chronicle allows political candidates to write one letter to the editor per election cycle.