Letter to the Editor: Vicki Daniels the Right Candidate for Chehalis School Board


My husband Jack and I are voters and Chehalis community members who are writing today to ask that you cast your November ballot to re-elect Vicki Daniels to the Chehalis School Board.

We would be hard pressed to find more dedicated community members than Vicki and Denny Daniels. They have devoted themselves to Chehalis and its schools for almost half a century. Vicki has dedicated herself to do “what is best for kids” for 12 years on the Chehalis School Board, and is still committed to this goal.

As a candidate for this public, non-partisan office, she is eminently qualified.

We are asking you to join us in re-electing Vicki Daniels to the Chehalis School Board.

Thank you.


Jack and Colleen State