Letter to the Editor: The Circus Has Come to Town and It’s Led by Joe Kent


I wouldn’t normally write a letter such as this; however, I feel that we in Washington’s 3rd Congressional District are being invaded. This is not the typical invasion that comes to mind when one hears that word. It is not from a foreign country or some alien planet. Instead, the invasion is coming directly from Washington,  D.C.

Joe Kent, who on the surface appears to be your typical conservative everyman, is a Trojan Horse of sorts sent from the nation’s capital to our district. Just beneath the well-polished veneer of Mr. Kent’s public persona, is a very different man than his outward appearance would suggest.

He is not from our district. He was not born here, nor raised here, nor even lived here much prior to his candidacy.

Instead of being deeply connected to Washington state, Joe is tied at the hip to Washington, D.C. Why would a man who spent most of his recent life living in Maryland and abroad suddenly show up on our doorstep intent on representing us?

The answer is obvious. He is an opportunist ready to take hold of our district’s seat. Once in, Mr. Kent knows he will be hard to dislodge. He will have a comfy career, and the D.C. elites will have another one of their guys in power.

The invasion of D.C. grifters goes further than just Mr. Kent. Indeed, if one looks at his campaign staff you will not find people from our state, let alone our district. Instead, you will see even more D.C. cronies who, as if by magic, have suddenly appeared out of the woodwork to help Mr. Kent.

Take his treasurer for example, a well known D.C. operative who typically works for establishment Republicans back east. Better yet, take his campaign leader, a political activist and product of D.C. through-and-through. A cursory glance at Kent’s operation reveals the reality of what is actually going on.

Joe Kent and his campaign have been sent from D.C. by faceless handlers to win an election — period. They are not here to represent us. They do not have our best interests at heart. They do not even know who we are.

Are you not tired of this game? Of this endless political circus?

Well the circus has come to town, and I for one will not give it my vote.


Roger Evans