Letter to the Editor: The Chehalis Foundation Opens Doors


When my family pondered the chance to move from North Carolina to the West Coast, we had options on where to settle, from Seattle south to Eugene.

We wanted a small town with the right mix of opportunities for our careers, great schools for our kids and plenty of outdoor recreation.

Enter Chehalis.

We heard time and time again about the new pool at Recreation Park and how wonderful the town’s schools were. What we soon learned was how a culture of giving had been activated into accomplishment in Chehalis’ local nonprofit, the Chehalis Foundation.

Fast forward six years to 2022, and I now am a parent to fifth and seventh grade students in the Chehalis School District, I co-chaired the community committee that revitalized Penny Playground, and I serve on the board of the Chehalis Foundation.

I have witnessed the success of the STEM programs and the Student Achievement Initiative in the excited stories my kids tell me after school about field trips to local colleges and competitions to race magnet-powered vehicles.

One of my most admired aspects of the Chehalis Foundation is the focus on creating opportunities for all. From building a destination playground for a wide range of physical abilities to helping every student navigate the pathway to colleges and technical schools, the goals of the Chehalis Foundation support families from all backgrounds.

I’m grateful for this town and the doors that the Chehalis Foundation has opened to me, my family and my community.


Jessica Homyack