Letter to the editor: Thank you to columnist for sharing family history


On the behalf of many relatives and myself, I wish to thank Julie McDonald for her historical articles she has compiled regarding the John and Andeline (Smith) Rayton and the Abe and Neomi (Allender) Black families in The Chronicle. We are extremely grateful.

The Raytons and Blacks each had 11 children who made their homes in Lewis County. That meant everyone was related, even the neighborhood cats and dogs!

Julie accurately gleaned information from the Rayton history book, “Then and Now.” The book was put together under the supervision of the late June Strovas from Longview, Washington. She is the granddaughter of Leroy Harrison Rayton, the eighth born of the 11 children. Her parents are Clyde Crocker and Neva Rayton.

The book was a family project. All Rayton descendants were asked to write and submit their own story. The books were printed for family members only.

I have saved many other history writings of June published in The Chronicle previously. All great local history.

Again, many thanks to Julie McDonald and The Chronicle.


Lois Keen