Letter to the Editor: State Historian Sorry if COVID-19 Comment Offended


Julie McDonald’s Sept. 13 column on the Southwest Washington Writers Conference accurately quoted an email I sent her expressing my misgivings about visiting a county with a comparatively low COVID-19 vaccination rate.

I am a cancer survivor with a still-compromised immune system. My wife is also at risk for the same reason. If anyone construed that I was issuing a blanket condemnation of the people of Lewis County, or making a political statement, nothing could be farther from the truth. Regardless, I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended.


John C. Hughes


Washington state historian


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John, the sad part is, I am positive you felt compelled to post an 'apology' because the usual mouth breathing luddites of Lewis County were attacking you.

You stated facts. That those facts put Lewis County in a bad light is their fault, not yours. That you felt the need to apologize for being frank and honest is another strike against Lewis County. I apologize on behalf of Lewis County for putting you in that position. The County leadership, should do the same.

Saturday, September 18
Check the math

Wow. I hope Ms. McDonald asked your permission before quoting personal correspondence from you in a newspaper article. How mortifying.

Saturday, September 18