Letter to the Editor: Science Is Dead


Did you spread misinformation about COVID-19 today? How do you know? You don’t.

Scientific study is just like politics in that diverse opinions achieve balance. When we shut down opposing views of science, we kill the very thing that saves lives. We omit what could be great achievements in medicine. When science is one-sided there is fear, distrust and resentment.

Maybe you choose not to pay attention to developments in science. Maybe you don’t mind taking advice that is dictated to you via one-sided practices. Maybe you have an inherent need to learn everything you can from all sides. No matter where you stand, this very diversity of choice has come to a halt. To my point, this is not the way a healthy society thrives. If all needs are not met, no needs are met.

I am told to believe only one thing — one view of all that is developing in science. My needs are not being met. I want to talk about doctors who have used alternative therapies for COVID-19. I want to know how COVID-19 was created. I want legitimate and factual explanations for suppression of opposition. There is no way to make sound judgement without all the facts. People are intelligent. We have a need to learn more in-depth information.

Throughout my research into COVID-19, I have been shut down when I am curious about what is deemed misinformation. I want to hear all sides. I want all the answers. I shouldn’t be outcasted because of my curiosity. Isn’t curiosity what science is based on? This doesn’t make me or anyone else who is curious, any of the horrible names we are called. There is no justification for shunning curiosity.

Those that seek all information do not harm anyone. Those who suppress all information are killing science.

I think it’s time for a live national debate between leading doctors and scientists. A collection of all who want to attend, not just the professionals “approved by the current administration.”

We need the ability to ask uncomfortable questions. No suppression. No judgement.


Dot Mullins



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Frosted Flake

"Scientific study is just like politics in that diverse opinions achieve balance."

No. Scientific study is the intentional and sysematic testing of ideas in oreder to determine which of them are wrong. And with the thought in mind, they could all be wrong. It used to be obvious to almost everyone Earth was flat and the Sun went round it, pulled by horses. That was fun, especially when the Kid took the reigns, but it turns out not to be true. Science is not a popularity contest, and you espousing bad ideas is not research. You are rumor mongering and promoting quack medicine.

It would help a lot if you would shut up and do as you are told. But, of course, tttthhhhaaaatttt is to much to ask.

Monday, September 13

Frosted Flake,

Living up to your name I see! Insults are as useless as one-sided science!

Monday, September 20