Letter to the Editor: Responding to Morton Police Chief’s Letter on Sheriff Race


This letter is in response to the letter that was written by Roger Morningstar and published in the Saturday edition of The Chronicle.

I’ve been a Lewis County resident since 1974 and my wife was born here. Needless to say, we are invested in our community.

This letter is a slick attempt at an ad hominem distraction — a cheap attempt to divert attention from facts by using an emotional plea. Roger Morningstar: "This, however, has been overshadowed by attacks from his opponent who is focused on optics and slander rather than actions."

There are few things in politics as frustrating as reading a letter to the editor from a public official that accuses someone of slander but avoids saying what was slanderous. The attempt to keep the good ol' boy system in power by making a statement like, "This, however, has been overshadowed by attacks from his opponent who is focused on optics and slander rather than actions," is exactly why people need to research facts.

Using quotes of historical figures to try and shift attention away from important issues like fiscal irresponsibility reminds me that, "No generalization is worth a damn, including this one." (Oliver Wendell Holmes). Inconvenient truth sucks. Then you are stuck with generalized ad hominem letters like Chief Morningstar's that try to keep truth hidden. The great thing about public disclosure requests is that things hidden in the dark (car purchases and expenditures) are brought into the light.


1) Does Chief Morningstar speak for Chehalis and Centralia in saying Sheriff Snaza has maintained "solid partnerships with chiefs across Lewis County"? Was it his "clear vision" that pulled Lewis County out of JNET, eliminated the SWAT and the K9 programs? Simple facts about actions, not slander.

2) Was his decision to keep COVID-era jail booking restrictions in place until this month (June 2022) part of his "clear vision" during the defund to police era? How has using COVID as a reason to prevent many arrested suspects from being booked equate to working together to protect our community? Again facts about action, not slander.

3) How does President Eisenhower's statement about teamwork actually apply here? JNET regularly offers to help Lewis County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) with drug issues and their offers of helping the community are declined. Actions speak louder than words. Here again, facts about actions, not slander.

4) "Sheriff Snaza has endeavored to build a coalition of law enforcement in Lewis County. There is more work to do, and he’s not slowing down." Can Chief Morningstar offer three measurable examples of what Sheriff Snaza has built and how the examples outweigh the LCSO no longer having an active K9 program, SWAT (or other tactical team), or involvement in JNET? Just asking for facts about actions, not slander.


Darren Ferrier