Letter to the Editor: Republicans Must Save Our Country by Not Voting


Nothing could be as important for the Republican Party and the country as former President Donald Trump's call to boycott the 2022 and 2024 elections in protest if the 2020 election fraud is not addressed. 

Clearly he would not have called for such a drastic measure if there was not solid proof that the election was rigged.

Has Donald Trump ever led us astray? Never. From his new, enlightened policy toward Vladimir Putin and Russia to his sweet affection for Kim Jung Un, is the world not a safer place because of all the Valentine cards he sent them?

He sure told the Chinese where to get off. Why, companies like Walmart and Home Depot that depend on those horrible, cheap Chinese imports pretty nearly dried up and blew away when we true America Firsters turned up our noses.

When Trump announced in his 2017 inaugural address that America was a country in carnage, he meant it. Did not the following four years prove it to be true? Didn't the fake coronavirus pandemic prove his point? Promises made. Promises kept.

Democrats are ruining the country with all their socialistic programs to help Americans. Since when do Republicans stand for helping Americans? No, Republicans must remain steadfast in our principles and always stand for helping ourselves. To whatever and however much we can! On this there can be no compromise.

These sham elections are the final straw. They are all rigged, even the ones we win. Little wonder our obviously honest Dear Leader demanded an election audit in Texas and Florida. It's all just fishy, fishy, fishy and we can only get our country back by showing that we are just not going to take it anymore. 

There is no longer any place for RINOs or any of the other milktoast Republicans. United, we must stand up and sit out these fake elections as Mr. Trump asks us to.

So let those of us who are the true patriots resolve to Make America Great Again. Now is the time for all real Republicans to save our country by not voting. Mr. Trump is a proven genius and sometimes his thinking is hard to follow but it doesn't take a half-wit to understand that.


Marty Ansley


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