Letter to the Editor: Rep. Walsh Is an Agitator


Rep. Jim Walsh is boasting about the $5 billion in stimulus money that our district is getting and he voted against it!

This is the same public servant who organized the April 19, 2020 gun-toting, Gadsden Flag-waving rally in Olympia to protest the stay-at-home order.

On the day of the rally, Washingtonians had suffered 634 deaths from COVID-19. Today, May 1, 2021, we mourn the loss of 5,547.

This man is a con and an agitator and has no place in good government.


Chey Thurman



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LL Hauer

And don’t forget some of Rep. Walsh’s other greatest hits:

He voted against

Washington’s terrific mail-in-ballot system

improving rural internet (repeatedly)

common sense gun control

improving health care in our state

establishing Juneteenth as a state holiday

and generated an ethics complaint for “offensively inappropriate language” in his committee’s public hearings.

And he never responds to constituent contact.

BUT he does show up for every angry rally possible. Indeed, he’s nothing BUT an agitator.

3 days ago