Letter to the Editor: Renew Centralia Area Emergency Medical Service levy


On your Feb. 9 ballot, many of you in Centralia and the northwest part of Lewis County will be asked to renew Riverside Fire Authority’s EMS levy. Please vote yes. If approved, the levy will continue funding at the same rate limit as the past six years. So, what do you get for your 50 cents per thousand levied on your property tax? You get Riverside’s state-of-the art emergency medical care delivered straight to your door, day or night, more than 3,000 times every year.

As your Lewis County emergency medical program director, it is my job to make sure that every 911 call for medical help receives the best patient care that EMS is so uniquely qualified to deliver. Riverside responds 10 or more times on any given day to 911 calls for chest pain, breathing trouble, car crashes, strokes and seizures. 

As their medical director, I know first-hand of their knowledge, skill and dedication. Riverside’s paramedics and EMTs can be the difference between fear and trust, comfort and pain, and yes sometimes life and death.

I urge you to vote yes Feb. 9 to continue Riverside Fire Authority’s EMS levy to fund this essential service for another six years. Let’s keep them coming when you need them.

Thank you.


Dr. Pete McCahill