Letter to the editor: Rather than point fingers, Lewis County Republican Party should look within


This letter is in reply to a letter by Greg Rohr, vice president of the Lewis County Republican Party, published June 5.

Since Greg is so concerned with not being associated with Nazis, despite sitting by them, defending them and finding common cause on many issues, I’d like to address some points in Greg’s letter.

Greg’s letter stated: “Our justice system is being corrupted by those we entrusted to uphold it.”

You’re absolutely right, Greg. Just look at Rob Snaza’s recent warning for abusing his office.

Greg’s letter stated: “In our own community of Lewis County, we have seen an elected commissioner single out and label petition gatherers as Nazis, the cumulative weaponization of the Public Disclosure Commission and public records requests being used by a group who wants to silence and persecute rather than work with and respect opposing views.”

Personally, I failed to see how upholding our laws, through the PDC or otherwise, especially as they relate to government ethics and transparency, is anything but the most American thing a patriot could do. Attacking compatriots participating in our system is conversely the most unAmerican thing one could do. I suppose unwitting fascists don’t realize that.

Greg’s letter stated: “Our fight is not just with President Trump, but against the political and corrupt factions at the local level that seek to divide and destroy rather than work together to a common good.”

You’re absolutely right, Greg. I might first examine the division and destruction that has occurred by the extremist takeover of the Lewis County Republican Party. You are in fact the corrupt faction causing the divides you are so mad about, sir.

Greg’s letter stated: “The Lewis County Republican Party opposes this tyrannical template and stands arm locked in arm supporting individual rights to express viewpoints in peaceful demonstrations and have our voice heard.”

You’re absolutely right, Greg. Though it is noticed that you only acted in vehement defense of these core values when standing on the sidewalk next to neonazis while harassing your compatriots.

Greg’s letter stated: “The Lewis County Republican Party works for the freedoms we hold dear in every corner of our county, from advisory boards, school boards, town councils, commissioners and even to state representatives who affect our way of life.”

Folks are well aware of the people, like disgraced former Police Chief Roger Morningstar, which the Lewis County Republican Party chooses as its best and brightest to represent our community.

Greg’s letter stated: “We call on the residents of Lewis County to be vocal and stand for the principles of fairness, integrity and due process that are the foundation of our legal system.”

You’re absolutely right, Greg. Integrity is a big issue. Which is why it is concerning that recently released investigation reports call into question your party chairs discriminatory views, his felonious history and his integrity issues.

It seems like whenever Greg Rohr or the Lewis County Republican Party point one finger lately they fail to remember there’s three pointing back.


Kyle Wheeler