Letter to the Editor: Rainier School Administration Failed Our Children


As school ends, many things come to a head and many parents find confusion on different situations and happenings.

This holds true with the Rainier High School boys basketball program.

The day before school was to end, the district administrators would not renew the head basketball coach’s contract.

There had been no warning to anyone that this was going to happen. Was there a problem?

What did this coach do?

The administration said they had known for three weeks in advance, but chose not to tell this coach until the day before school let out for the summer. The coach had set out a program for the summer and paid for much of the upcoming activities out of his own pocket with the return money to come from parents.

His program involved a team camp at Moscow, Idaho, a Las Vegas tournament, the Snake River tournament, tournaments at the Hub and many more when games could be picked up.

The cost to these students was very minimal.

The coach had worked hard during the year with fundraisers to help the team and boys with the cost.

How did this coach tell these boys their summer program just ended?

He had them come to his home and carefully explained to them that he was no longer able to coach them. The administration would not renew his contract.

Our administration failed your children.

They had no replacement, no plan, only “well boys, it’s over.” This team respected and chose to play for this coach.

They worked hard and found satisfaction with their accomplishment.

Our Rainier administrators all walked away and left these boys with nothing, no direction, no plan.

Tell me why, if our administrators knew three weeks earlier what they chose to do the day before school got out, and they were too busy to come up with an answer for the students and parents.

These boys were the losers and it was said by the administration, “it is all about the kids and we are doing what is best for the kids.” What do the boys have now? What is really best for the kids?

No coach, no summer program, no nothing. Our administrators carry on as if nothing happened and our town, parents, boys and a great coach and families lose out. What is wrong here?

Please help us get our coach back! Join our support Coach Landrum page.


Shauna Carpenter



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