Letter to the Editor: Raid on Trump’s Home an Escalation by Deep State


We are now living in an official Banana Republic. The Aug. 9 raid by the FBI at the Florida home of former president Donald Trump is very troubling and marks the latest threatening escalation of the illegitimate Deep State regime of Joe Biden. Allegedly his attorneys were prevented from observing agents, or even allowed to view the probable cause justifying this unprecedented violation of the former president of the United States of America. Since Nov. 2, 2020 America has been intentionally subjected to a nonstop torrent of potentially unlawful and obviously immoral actions that threaten the very foundation of our voluntary social and citizen contract.

The cowardly withdrawal in Afghanistan, the intentional crime wave hitting our cities, decades high inflation, all-time high fuel prices, food shortages, vaccine mandate coercion, targeting of our children with twisted indoctrination, legislation purposely named to deceive, to the illegal targeting of political opposition are just a very few of the policy initiatives specifically designed to bring free citizens in a free nation to their knees before co-conspirators of unelected shadow string pullers. We are watching a third word dictatorship morph into a constitutional threat to our liberty and freedom aided and abetted by an equally dictatorial media. Joe Biden is the face of a simpleton puppet pulled on a string to attain these goals.

We have example after example of the law being intentionally corrupted to protect the potential criminal activity of prominent Democrats like Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi’s insider stock trading, Eric Swalwell’s Chinese spy mistress, and the whole treasonous FBI, CIA, and NSA leadership which tried to frame Trump in the Russia collusion hoax. This is the Deep State that we hear so much about, denied as existing, yet always benefits the Democrats and themselves. The very same Deep State and media collaboration that clearly influenced the 2020 Presidential election by minimizing, slow walking, and outright dismissing credible allegations of wrongdoing by the current President Joe Biden.

We are a nation of free men and women. We are citizens, not subjects. We entered a sacred social contract to elect representatives of the people. We are the ultimate authority in this nation and that authority is being usurped by those pulling Joe Biden’s puppet strings. The raid on Donald Trump’s home is the Fort Sumter of the modern age and we are living a nightmare of unfettered and unchecked federal power that threatens to engulf our nation in process of disintegration and generational strife unlike we have seen since the Civil War.

Your future, your children’s future, and the very future of this democratic nation depends upon your awakening to the threat and acting. We can roll back the power of the Deep State and the biased and corrupt media. Get involved in the upcoming elections. Educate yourselves, participate, speak to people, advocate for Liberty and Democracy, and most importantly, vote!


Mitchel N. Townsend

Silver Creek