Letter to the Editor: Raid of Former President’s Home Is Terrifying


Regarding Jaime Herrera Beutler's bow out of the November election: For the most part, I believe she was a good representative.

To me, her worst performance came when she voted for former president Donald Trump's impeachment. Unfortunately, she drank the Democrats' KoolAid and believed that he had brought about the Jan. 6 riots. Here we are, months into the Democrats' Jan. 6 hearings, and they still haven't been able to show that he had any part in it, but they are so outrageously afraid of his running that, to paraphrase the words of James Carville, any action is OK to beat the Republicans in November.

The end justifies the means.

They are putting up Democrats as Republicans in elections. In fact, that was claimed about Mr. Kent in our election.

Is it true?

It is claimed that he voted for, and supported, Bernie Sanders in 2020 and was then a registered Democrat. True? I have seen no denial from him over this allegation.

The Columbian's editorial board went on to declare that the claims of stolen elections and election regularities are destroying faith in our electoral system. I would say that there has been no real investigation into the actual evidence of irregularities, and the Democrats refuse to investigate because it might turn out to be true.

During the campaign, there were videos of some of those irregularities, but they are ignored by the news media. And now they have weaponized the FBI because they claim that former president Trump was withholding documents, so they got a secret warrant to raid his Florida home and take the documents.

While they're at it, let's go through Mrs. Trump’s closet, their bathroom and any other part of the house and see what we can find. This action on the part of our federal government is terrifying to me. The government has never, in its history, raided the home of a former president for anything.

But apparently, if they don't like you, watch out.


Bruce Peterson