Letter to the Editor: Professors Need to Teach People About Democracy


Label this two-part letter under insane news coming out of a delusional city and bumbling universities.

Turns out, Los Angeles’ big project for homeless housing is cranking out $596,000 units for individual street people. Seems like refugee camp accommodations might reach more of its 28,000 street dwellers and at a lower cost. Maybe the city could consult Turkey, Columbia or Lebanon for ideas.

Or maybe local universities could pitch in an idea or two.

The University of Utah, for example, is putting a toe in the water, I mean the dry Salt Lake basin, and thinking about maybe joining the society that gave birth to it 173 years ago. The school wants to work on lake bed salvation, relieving a type of homelessness from a dying coal economy in the state’s southeast quadrant, rural health care, tribal water, and worker health.

All great little 20th century projects, but professors, what we need in the 21st century is for law, political science and history instructors to teach us how to do democracy again. Oops, I get it. They first need to learn how to do it themselves.


Kimball Shinkoskey,

Formerly of Lewis County