Letter to the Editor: Politics Have No Place in the Sheriff’s Office — Vote Murphy


I am writing on behalf of Tracy Murphy for sheriff. I have to support my fellow vest wearer. I led the veterans group presenting the flag at Vader’s May Day Parade this past spring wearing my vest and shared a photo with Tracy.

A question has popped up: “Do you feel safer under the leadership of Sheriff Snaza?” I honestly do not. I am a retired military combat veteran and infantryman of Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan and certain events pique my post-traumatic stress disorder. Notably unexpected explosions and seeing a civilian carrying a pistol are among the triggers. I support the second amendment, but I question the training a civilian has received or not. And grandpa training you when you were 5 does not count. I question your grandfather's training as well. I have 20 years of weapons training from small caliber weapons to anti-tank rockets. When I see a pistol on a civilian, my senses immediately put me on alert for danger. I experienced that in combat and was trained to look for it. Shopping in Walmart is scary enough without weapons. I will comment that during last year's Fourth of July celebration fireworks were set aloft, although not allowed in our home owners association, and a young sheriff deputy came and visited me. I applaud that young man and would mention his name if I remembered.

The second reason I feel less safe under Sheriff Snaza stems from the supposed antifa/Black Lives Matter protest of the Hamilton Road Uncle Sam Sign, which did not happen, and the counterprotest at the Bethel Church.

I could see the tension in our little town of Napavine. This happened because of a social media rumor. Sheriff Snaza’s words at the counterprotest did not lower the tension but added to it.  Over the years, I have read some asinine opinions and statements on that sign. Because I lean a little to the left of center and believe that all voices have rights to speak, I have felt the need to carry a sidearm just to go about my daily routine. That is something a combat veteran should not have to do. We left a combat environment and should have peace at home. 

Tracy Murphy and I do not 100% agree on all issues, but Tracy is professional and courteous with those that may disagree with him. Tracy and his wife Sherri have sort of been counselors for me when my PTSD kicks in and I have been able to talk to them over the phone. I am not a churchgoing Christian, but I can see how Tracy and Sherri’s faith have made them into the good people they have demonstrated. 

Tracy has stated his reasons for running. Sheriff Snaza stated if you think you can do better run in the election. I believe Tracy can and will do better for our community. Politics has no place in the sheriff’s office. We are all equal under the law and should be treated that way.


Timothy Schmidt