Letter to the Editor: Please, No More Liberal Seattleite Blabbing on Opinion Page


Are you planning on letting Danny Westneat, an annoying liberal Seattle Times columnist, blast his leftist views on your opinion page forever?

Or does it just feel that way to those of us who know, yes, there was election fraud in the US 2020 elections, national and state.

Yes, Trump was the best thing that happened to this country in decades.

Yes, America will be great again, and not through any Seattleite blabbing on about how we need more politics to fix the mess his kind has made of this country.

Please. Stop.

Find some other filler for your paper. I can find other places to spend the $140 a year a Chronicle subscription costs me, especially with the rampant inflation Democrats have foisted off on us. Wean yourself off the Seattle Times, please. Thank you.


Cheryl Matthiesen