Letter to the Editor: Out With Murray, in With Smiley


It’s past time to replace Patty Murray as U.S. senator from Washington state. She first ran some 30 years ago as the “Tennis Shoe Mom” — identifying as someone who wanted to make a difference in fighting for low-income moms and families. Well, all these years later, Murray is now a wealthy Biden puppet who blindly votes for anything he wants.

She no longer looks out for her constituents’ wants and needs, but is just another member of the swamp. Murray is against anything Trump-related, an environmentalist, pro-abortion, another left-wing progressive Democrat.

Murray, as chairwoman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee, had oversight over the FDA and did nothing about the baby formula crisis. It took her 78 days until May 13 to call formula manufacturers to address the shortage problem. Murray is so out of touch with our needs that she can only mimic whatever Biden wants.

Let’s put someone in office who actually cares about Washingtonians. Republican Tiffany Smiley is such a candidate. Some of Smiley’s reportedly highest priorities are the needs of people living here in this state, that they get the benefits and care that they deserve, helping those on Social Security to maintain their deserved cost of living adjustments and benefits, addressing inflation and ever-increasing high gas prices, and the catastrophic crisis on the southern border.

We need Tiffany Smiley in office and in our corner. I urge all Washington voters to go to the polls to replace Murray, who is just a mere puppet for the socialist Democrats in Washington, D.C.

Smiley is our best bet to help turn things around.


Kathleen Bieker