Letter to the editor: Nobody for president


The rumor had it that Donald Trump might reveal his running mate during his debate with Biden. That did not happen. However, the concern and speculation about who that candidate may eventually be, raises some colossal issues and problems.

It had been firmly established by the hosts on our local talk show that no matter what, the VP candidate must not be “smarter” and “outshine” his superior.

Now I find that statement curious and disturbing on at least two points.

First off, the “Stable Genius” takes every opportunity to declare that “nobody knows more” than he does. You name the subject, he’s wrestled it to the ground. Scholars around the world all know that “The Donald” is the guy to go to. The danger of Trump being bested by his running mate is null and void.

Additionally, a huge problem exists that, while it may be possible, it may be very difficult to find someone who is not as smart as Donald, someone who does not know that the Continental Army took over British airports in our (first) revolutionary war, or that at any moment, President Obama might cause WWII to erupt.

Someone who couldn’t conceive of the brilliance of defeating COVID-19 with an injection of bleach. Or Someone who has no idea that rain is wet, from the standpoint of water.

Good luck with that.

But my main concern is the hosts’ implied fear that this “nobody” may actually exist. If absolutely anyone in the Grand Old Party has this slightest suspicion, they would be committing the equivalent of treason if they did not immediately speak up, and seek him or her out.

Why deprive the world of such a treasure? Dispose of the old worn out version of mendacity and place a crown on the new ruler of the universe.

Wow! A Republican candidate smarter than Trump. I’ll let you in on a secret: If they did reverse course and dump Trump for an even wiser man, even I would gladly vote for him.

Here’s your chance. Go for it.


Dennis Shain