Letter to the Editor: Politics as Usual


One recent morning, I had a short conversation with a gray-haired older fellow who apparently came into the Centerville Cafe just to talk.

We had a short talk about old trucks, repairing engines and the weather. A normal weekday morning for a retired old geezer. However, a few days later, over my usual Friday morning chess game, I heard a story from my chess partner regarding one of his usual stops at a local watering hole. 

Seems the local Republican mucky mucks were having a celebratory gathering before the ballots were even mailed out. Business as usual in Lewis County, virtually every one of them is running unopposed. 

The only one that faces a challenger is their candidate for our Congressional seat. He is a "America First" racist, proudly boasting the fact of his endorsement by one Donald John Trump.

He will most likely win, given that the person he upset in the primary, a sitting congresswoman, had held the seat for over a decade. She made the mistake of voting for impeachment of the selfsame former president, a cardinal sin among this districts' Republicans. 

More business as usual. 

A few days later, my wife was at a birthday party for one of her friends' children. In an overheard conversation between two of the other adults, both older retired men, was chilling. They were saying that they needed to start killing people opposed to Trump. One of the parties involved in this conversation is a former local police officer. How can someone in law enforcement to express a desire to commit mass murder in support of a politician? How can they justify a desire to become murderers and terrorize Americans?

Times are not normal. The upcoming election is not about politics as usual. The Nazis have well and truly arrived in the USA, and seemingly will stop at nothing to take control of our government. 

We must get out and vote as if our lives depend on it.

Because they just may.

Alan Mahood,