Letter to the Editor: Kent’s Claims About Heidi St. John Campaign Are Ridiculous


In an email to his supporters, congressional candidate Joe  Kent complains “a dark money SuperPAC named ‘Conservatives for Stronger America’ has just dumped $724,000 into my race to prop up a spoiler candidate and split the vote so they can re-elect the establishment’s RINO incumbent, Jaime Herrera Beutler.”

That is not the case. The creators of the PAC have legally declared the money is to be used pursuant to the campaign of Heidi St. John — and without her knowledge or her acceptance — not for Herrera Beutler. Proof of this can be found in the affidavit included at the bottom of the Federal Election Committee report regarding the PAC’s expenditures on Heidi’s behalf, which Kent included in his email. I have copied it here:

“Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the independent expenditures reported herein were not made in cooperation, consultation, or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of, any candidate or authorized committee or agent of either.”

This provides legal and court admissible evidence that Heidi St. John did not accept, nor is in any other way connected to this PAC. For Kent — or his supporters acting with his knowledge — to claim otherwise without a single shred of evidence to support the claim is nothing less than dishonorable.

Even if, as Kent alleges, the PAC is running a shadow campaign for Herrera Beutler then that would only mean the creators of the PAC are supporting her — not that Heidi is supporting her. There is zero evidence to connect Heidi’s campaign to an underground effort to support Herrera Beutler. Calling her a “spoiler candidate” is simply not true.

Heidi is a woman very devoted to her family. She loves them and wants their love and their respect in return. Is it reasonable to believe that she would drag them through the hardships of a major campaign such as this while only pretending to want to win? That she would daily feed lies to her own family, let alone her friends and supporters just to help Herrera Beutler?

She prays with her family, and with her friends, thanking God for his aid and guidance in this effort, and asking him for his daily blessings on her, and on them, in the sacrificial efforts she and her family are making. This, she would do in pretense of wanting to go Congress to serve those she is praying with — when all she really wants to do is to help Herrera Beutler?

What is wrong with people that causes them to even suggest such behavior of a woman they hardly even know?

Nobody has produced any link of any kind between Heidi and Herrera Beutler which indicates that they have ever even had an acquaintance — much less a bonding in friendship that would evoke such a level of loyalty from Heidi toward her.

No such ties between the two exist. The very idea of it is ridiculous. As ridiculous as pointing to PAC money being spent on Heidi’s behalf and saying, “Oh look — there’s proof that Heidi is supporting Herrera Beutler.”


Stephen Mosier

Battle Groun