Letter to the Editor: Keep Snaza as Lewis County Sheriff


I was Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza's biggest critic eight years ago in the 2014 election. For the longest time, I thought that Rob Snaza was not good for Lewis County and that he would be just another politician that didn't care about us or bring any kind of change to our community. However, fast forward eight years and I can personally tell you that I am Rob Snaza's biggest supporter.

Sheriff Snaza has been very good for Lewis County in so many different ways. He brought mental health and chemical dependency services into the jail so that those struggling with those issues could get help. He stood up to Gov. Jay Inslee during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I can say I have had many interactions with Sheriff Snaza. He truly is a phenomenal man when you get to know him. He has nearly over three decades of law enforcement experience with our community in various departments and roles. Sheriff Snaza once worked with my father at Yard Birds in the 1970s. My father always said he knew Sheriff Snaza would go far one day. He was a very hard and dedicated worker even back then.

The community and the Lewis County Sheriff's Office has never had a better relationship than it has under the leadership of Sheriff Snaza. Rob Snaza has accomplished a lot in the past eight years and has worked hard to make Lewis County a safer and better place.

I feel Tracy Murphy is the wrong choice for Lewis County. For one, none of his ideas make sense or are even fathomable. For two, he doesn't have nearly the experience and wisdom that our current Sheriff Rob Snaza has. The only thing he seems to care about talking about is an outdated website the sheriff's office has. He has offered no constructive ideas for our community, or how he intends to make it a better place. All Mr. Murphy has done is create contention in our local government and fill every room he speaks in full of hot air. Tracy Murphy is another politician who cares only about himself and not the people. To my fellow Lewis County resident: We have a sheriff. His name is Rob Snaza. Let's support the sheriff we have and not turn our back on him as he has never turned his back on us. Rob Snaza is not just the right choice but the only good choice for this election.


Bo D. Rupert