Letter to the Editor: Joe Kent Doesn’t Have a Clue How Legislation Works


In his recent debate with congressional candidate Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, Joe Kent made us painfully aware he hasn't got a clue how Social Security legislation works, and with his continuous dismissal of Mrs. Perez, who clearly understands the topic far better than he does, he clarifies that he has neither the decorum to withstand legislative debate or the discipline and rigor and perspicacity needed to prepare for it. This does not bode well for representation.

Fortunately, he is transparently a hack proponent of the big lie, one of the most dangerous threats democracy and civil governance has faced since we abandoned the British monarchy and soon after defeated them in the war for independence. Thus it is reasonable to dismiss his candidacy out of hand. Joe would do well to crawl back under whatever slimy gobspawn he crawled out of.


Deston Denniston