Letter to the Editor: Jodery Goble Would Make a Great Commissioner


Greetings the good citizens of Lewis County, Washington. My name is Agber Dimah, a retired professor of political science and an alum of Washington State University. I currently reside in Chicago. I was born and raised in Africa but I am now an American citizen. Please allow me a space in your esteemed publication to endorse a worthy candidate for office in your county.

I am writing you concerning the upcoming primary election for the Lewis County commissioner District 3 for which Mr. Jodery Goble, my former roommate at WSU and friend for more than 40 years, is seeking nomination. For many reasons, this is a pivotal election for the county and I am thrilled to enthusiastically endorse my dear friend, Jodery Goble. As a person, he is trustworthy, conscientious, ferocious, diligent worker, a consummate professional, and a caring family man. His sterling personal qualities will help him and the county a great deal in his position as a county commissioner.

Jodery and I met on the campus of Washington State University 42 years ago and became roommates. We were not just roommates but great friends since then. Throughout our decades of friendship, he has been consistently warm, considerate, patient, and above all, understanding and accommodating. He listens, he helps and has been an absolute delight to learn and confer with. I knew his parents, Melanie his sister, as well as Sandra, his beloved wife, and their children Drew and Irene.

Jodery is the man for the job at this time. Destiny is beckoning him to step forward and offer himself in service of his people and community that he so dearly loves. I have so much confidence in his potential to serve his constituency so effectively that, if I were running against him, I would step down for him.

I have no doubt whatsoever that he will provide the dynamic and effective leadership that Lewis County needs at this time of economic uncertainty.

Therefore, I have nothing but enthusiasm for supporting Jodery, my long-time friend for the position of Lewis County commissioner.


Agber Dimah

Matteson, Illinois