Letter to the Editor: In Response to Column on 'ReTrumplicans'


I would like to speak to columnist Michael Wagar’s Jan. 30 commentary about “ReTrumplicans.” 

My sainted mother taught me that name calling is a sign of a weak argument, or of a weak mind. 

Your “smart, creative and successful” neighbors are “ReTrumplicans” apparently because they are not quite as smart as you. The thing about the “reality of the virus” is that a successful response to the virus by the people will follow successful leadership, not dictatorship. Some people do not believe what Gov. Jay Inslee says about the virus and how he commands the response to it. This is a result of poor leadership by the governor. It is his fault. Many will not accept dictatorship. 

Emergency authority is used and respected during an immediate emergency, but an emergency does not last forever. Forever emergency authority has become a dictatorship, which does not work as a leadership style in a country where people think they are “free.” Successful leadership would have the governor involving the counsel of the people’s representatives in the response to COVID-19 and a trained leader would respect those he leads by providing data to support the response. 

I accept the reality of the virus, and I accept the reality that, with your help, we now have a radical Democratic government everywhere. I accept that the radical Democrat government is attempting to destroy anyone who supported President Trump. Please put my name on the list of loyal Trump supporters. 

$4 trillion and 30,000 jobs gone in one week is a fine further reality to accept. Mr. Wagar, please write another editorial explaining how our new government reality should be accepted. 

And I would like to speak to the new owners of The Chronicle. “Newspaper” implies the expectation of the reporting of some unbiased news content. The Chronicle publishes entertainment and opinion. When The Chronicle used to publish national and international news, it slanted against Trump and his supporters. How about a little straight, unbiased news for your loyal subscribers? 


Mike Kimbrel