Letter to the Editor: If an Elected Official Acts in Interest of Constituents, I Don’t Care About Party


In the political atmosphere here in Lewis County, where I've been told I want things to remain red, I thank the Gods that I went to college — at Centralia College — and learned how to think critically and identify logical fallacies.

Purple is a wonderful color that allows for so many to enjoy a ridicule-free existence. To be an independent thinker, a goat — not a sheep — is a badge I wear with honor even if I'm being told I want to be a part of the status quo community sentiment that has been around for decades.

If a candidate for elected office has something reasonable to say and has acted in the best interest of all constituents under their care, I don't care what color they sport or what letter designation comes after their name.

I choose to listen to all sides of an issue before casting my ballot or having a reasoned political conversation.

Unfortunately, those of my like-minded thinkers feel they have to slink around staying in the shadows while being polite to avoid furious confrontation by neighbors.

We avoid rash comments or actions before taking a step back and finding facts, even if that takes a bit of time sifting through the noise. I don't know whether to be amused or worried about seemingly knee-jerk reactions to off the cuff news information with no, or erroneous, content that has been validated by several sources — from both sides of the matter at hand.

I do know that those like myself are at least willing to apologize when we might have been wrong or unduly upset others.

“All (we) really need to know (we) learned in Kindergarten,” Robert Fulghum said.

What a concept.


Polly MacKenzie