Letter to the Editor: I Vote for Snaza, But He’s Dead Wrong on Mask Mandate


Thank you Sheriff Snaza.

Lewis County now has the second highest COVID-19 rate in all the counties in Washington.

In a John Wayne movie, Mr. Wayne made a great statement. He said, “life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”

Thanks for contributing to the stupid in this county (or perhaps the non sheep). Please don’t get me wrong. I voted for Donald Trump twice and for you every time you have run for sheriff. Between you and Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer the law has been admirably upheld. I will probably vote for you again. However, on the mask mandate, you are dead wrong. Do you get the macabre pun?


Michael Massoth



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Let's not forget about the onslaught of immigrants with the Delta variant. Why would a President trying to contain a deadly virus, allow the southern border to remain open? It makes no sense! Masks do help some. Masks are the reason we didn't have flu like we normally have. The flu virus is mush larger than Covid. My concern is, why hasn't there been considerable advancements in masks or other devices to trap Covid? All the money we spend on vaccine mandates and climate change, you'd think we could make some N95's for citizens.

Saturday, September 11
LC payer

Snaza is a fool and should be proud of how he has increased the Covid transmission rate in LC. He certainly doesn't represent LC very well at all.

Tuesday, September 14

You voted for Trump twice? And for Snaza? Then you can take some credit for the sorry state of affairs the country is facing. Your part of the problem and until your able to discern fact from fantasy maybe should consider not voting.

Tuesday, September 14
R. Ganowicz

I thought Rochester was in Thurston County. How can a Thurston County resident vote in Lewis County elections?

Friday, September 17