Letter to the Editor: I Offer Experience and Commitment on Chehalis School Board


My name is Vicki Daniels. I am a 12-year veteran of the Chehalis School Board. I am asking for your vote so I may continue to work for our students, parents, community and district to continue with the important work that has transpired over my tenure on the board. I am most proud of:

• Consistently doing what is best for all kids

• Hiring two quality superintendents

• Constructing two new state-of-the-art elementary schools

• Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club

• Promoting the partnership between the Chehalis School District and the Chehalis Foundation and our Student Achievement Initiative (SAI)

• Expanding the STEM program K-12

• Increasing more Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) options for our students

• Enlarging opportunities in our Career and Technical Education (CTE) program

• Working with the district on a safe reopening of schools during the COVID-19 crisis

• Graduating students in unprecedented numbers who are attending various post-secondary programs based on their interests

• Being a member of the Washington State School Board of the Year

And these are just a few notable examples.

My husband Denny “Doc” and I celebrate 50-plus years of community involvement in general, and education specifically. Our two daughters are proud of their 13 years in the Chehalis schools and with their current professions have been reliable resources as we discuss the challenges facing districts today. We all feel very strongly about giving back and are committed to doing so.

Now more than ever, we need to retain experienced, informed and thoughtful leadership on our school board. I believe I am that person. The challenges we are facing, many based on statewide mandates that are highly politicized and difficult for us to digest on a local level, require sensitive and careful thought. Discussion is healthy as we listen and learn for all people in an effort to provide for all students’ safety. My goal is to continue to create a nurturing environment in which all students can thrive.

I would very much like to maintain my involvement as an experienced parent and grandparent, educator, community volunteer and school board member. I feel that this is a critical time for students. I am proud of the district’s direction as we ensure thoughtful dialogue and decisions that are inclusive of all stakeholders as we try to create the best environment possible to enhance the education of our children. I would appreciate your vote to carry on this important work.


Vicki Daniels



Editor’s note: Political candidates are allowed to publish one letter to the editor per election cycle.

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