Letter to the Editor: Help the Haitian Immigrants


I read there are Haitian potential immigrants huddled under a bridge in Texas. Yes, we should send in the National Guard. Have them bring meals, toilet facilities, waste baskets, etc. We are a rich country and can afford this small kindness to our neighbors. I hope we can find our way to do more.


Alex Rajala 



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Please, where is the concern for the $Billions the Clintons ripped off from aid to Haiti? Indignation over the false border patrol narrative is disgusting.

Monday, September 27

Help them by sending them home, not here to spread heaven only knows what disease.

Tuesday, September 28
Jon Coulter

As with other immigrants fleeing a failed country, see that as justification for new colonialism. Haiti's elite has fa[led, as has Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, and others.. Laydown the law, you, you failed as a country, now to do it our way if you want what USA has to offer. If they won't let them die. We can't be the go to place for more illiterate non English speakers whose main product is needy children. Don't let the do-gooders bankrupt our nation.


Sunday, October 3