Letter to the Editor: Heidi St. John Showed Lack of Integrity in Reversal of Trump Endorsement Claim


Regarding Mr. Mosier's July 18 letter in The Chronicle.

Nothing anyone can say, do or allege can take away the significance of the fact that Heidi St. John voluntarily, publicly, entered into an agreement with other candidates to drop out of the race and support the candidate President Trump chose to endorse for Congress.

That candidate turned out to be Joe Kent.

Heidi immediately broke her promise, claiming she didn't have all the information when she entered into the agreement.

Since then she has descended into even more dishonesty, flinging unfounded accusations against Joe Kent.

Then when glossy mailers appeared in mailboxes, displaying her and President Trump side by side as if she is supported by Trump, Heidi denies any connection with the mailing.

This campaign is not a referendum on Christianity or a contest to determine who is the best Christian, though I am aware that Heidi uses church connections to appeal to voters on that basis.

Joe Kent is in a contest to become our next Congressman.

I know him.

I trust him.

He abides by his agreements.

Heidi has proven that her desire to win drives her to break promises and make dishonest accusations.

I do not want another betrayer like Jaime in office.

I want someone who will truthfully and loyally represent me.

That is Joe Kent.

Now Heidi is denying that she ever entered into an agreement to drop out of the race and support the candidate President Trump would endorse.

There is video of it, with Heidi laughing and saying that the Trump-endorsed candidate would "suck all the oxygen out of the room."

Joe Kent knows that when you make a public promise, you keep it.

Having served 11 tours in mideast hot zones and worked at high levels in military intelligence, Joe Kent has a thorough understanding of the threats facing America, including those posed by islamic, communist and socialist nations.

This does not stop Heidi from wildly accusing Joe Kent of being a 'socialist,' and attempting to justify her oath-breaking when she was shocked that she did not get President Trump's endorsement and Joe Kent did.

She can't justify breaking her public promise to drop out of the race, so she flings accusations.

Her behavior is appalling.

I am amazed that she takes time out of her campaign to focus on people like me who are not candidates.

Even if she could silence us, there are just too many holes in the dam of her integrity.

It is collapsing, and she blew the first hole in it.


Bob Larimer

Clark County