Letter to the Editor: Have We Reached Peak Stupid Yet?


After reading about most of the folks running for Olympia City Council in ads, I would have to say no. They are all “woke” with no qualifications to run anything. I write this as a warning to those living in Thurston County and Washington state.

The word is out there that within the next two years, because of the screaming woke crowd we will have a over 30 percent chance of rolling blackouts or brownouts during peak usage because so many coal and natural gas plants are planned to be or have been shut down, and now Native Americans want the dams torn down.

In a fair and just society, and in the age of smart meters, all of those demanding this stupidity should be put on a list and when there is not enough power they lose all their power when it’s really cold or hot out.

Shut down all the casinos, reservations, all the woke universities, Wolf Haven, the Democratic Party members’ homes, and the Sierra Club. Since this will probably not happen, you better buy a wood stove to cook, purify water and heat with, and a generator and enough gas to last at least a month or so to meet your basic needs because powerless times are coming thanks to them.


Glen R. Davies