Letter to the Editor: Have Patience as Lewis County Authorities Investigate Aron Christensen Death 


My intention is not to criticize the family members of Aron Christensen or to criticize the sheriff or prosecutor’s offices’ lengthy procedures regarding Aron’s death near Walupt Lake in August 2022. 

Please understand the complexity of the situation in determining the facts of how Aron came to die as he did. 

I would give the Lewis County agencies plenty of time in gathering all of the facts before going to charging, arresting and prosecuting. You want it done right the first time, correct? The scene is remote and difficult to process and what has come out through The Chronicle is sometimes sketchy or incomplete or in need of correcting in future articles. The whole of the alleged responsible party’s story to me contains too many glossed over points and inconsistencies. 

Now the point of the officer who was sent out to take possession of the bodies of Aron and his dog should not have been making off-hand comments on the cause of death to family members present at the trailhead when the bodies were brought out to the transport site. Poor form. 

Lastly, I do take exception to the lady’s statement about we as Lewis County residents must be satisfied with our sheriff’s office and prosecutor’s office; implying we are satisfied with her appraisal of the actions of our law agencies as is applied to Aron’s death through her eyes. 

Ma’am, that is an incorrect implication. I have sat on nine separate jury panels, two of which were three months long and the remaining two months and one month in length. Again, the fact-finding and case-building is a slow process. Be assured there is a majority of residents of Lewis County who are on your side in finding the truth of Aron’s death. 


Larry Kearns 

Lewis County