Letter to the Editor: Expose Sex Offender Housing as Mismanaged Ordeal It Is 


Thank you for your recent coverage regarding the residence in Tenino that may soon house Level 3 sex offenders. There are several violations of RCW 71.09.290 code (Siting Policy Guidelines) that apply to housing requirements for this purpose that have been skirted such as 3a; “Whether limited visibility between the facility and adjacent properties can be achieved.” 

The water ski lake clearly visible from this property (as advertised in its for sale listing) regularly hosts children (dressed in swim attire) who attend summer camps. There are other violations as well. RCW 71.09.285 references access to emergency services being within a reasonable response time (the local fire station is now closed). Public safety issues should be the most paramount concern but what about the decline in property values that will most certainly apply to the homes in close proximity to this area? The majority of homeowners have perhaps lost a large percentage of their net worth value in their homes they may have needed for their retirement years, health care, etc. 

And speaking of monetary issues, it is rumored that the compensation for housing these offenders could be in the neighborhood of $30,000 per month per resident. With $180,000 in gross revenue monthly we can obviously see that this is a very lucrative endeavor for Supreme Living and its investors.

Many more of these sites will be built with that kind of cash flow. There appears to be no RCW that disallows this type of business in residential zoning. This looks like government waste of our tax dollars. Please explore this story more to expose this as the mismanaged ordeal that it truly is.


Kelly Bergman