Letter to the Editor: Exercise Your Right to Vote


Our Nov. 8 local election is high stakes. 

The candidates running to represent us in Washington, D.C., Marie Gluesenkamp Perez and Joe Kent, couldn’t be more different.

Perez is a small business owner with deep roots in Southwest Washington. Kent recently moved to our area from Portland so he could run for office.

Gluesenkamp Perez is a moderate concerned with health care costs, women’s rights, fair elections and inflation. Kent wants to defund the Department of Education and significantly “change” Social Security.

Gluesenkamp Perez believes transparent government is vital and overturning Citizens United (which allows corporations and billionaires dark money into campaigns) is key. Kent believes the 2020 election was stolen, the government created COVID-19 and violent white supremacists are patriots.

Gluesenkamp Perez is not connected to any D.C. politicians. Kent is a Trump loyalist who says and does whatever he is told.

Vote for Gluesenkamp Perez — the sensible U.S. House representative for Southwest Washington.

Anne Haller,