Letter to the Editor: Employers Should Not Hire Pro-Choice People


When Adolf Hitler came into power in 1933, his first goal was to dehumanize people of Jewish ancestry. He instituted a national program of propaganda to brainwash the public into having hostility and disrespect for Jewish people. His purpose was to convince the masses that Jewish people were so subhuman that they could be robbed, beaten, tortured and murdered, and it would be considered no worse than stepping on a roach.

The same tactic is being used in the United States today; only the new victims are the unborn human beings. They too have been dehumanized. Now the politically correct call it “choice.” I call it cold-blooded, premeditated murder.

I was really angered recently when one of our elected officials voiced a warning that Republicans were out to limit women’s health.

One reason I was upset is that I am a second-generation abortion survivor. My evil grandmother had a doctor perform three abortions on her. The one on my mother did not work. My mother had a right to life and so did I. So did my siblings, our children and our grandchildren. It’s not a choice; it’s a human being.

More than 95 percent of abortions are performed because the woman wishes to hide the fact that she got pregnant in the first place. This makes her a risky employee. She has proven that there is nothing she won’t do to hide a mistake, even kill. If I were an employer, I would never hire anyone who is pro-choice.


Patrick M. Crawford